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2015 National Indie Excellence Award Winner
in the Fantasy category

2015 Finalist

Compendium selected as a finalist
in the Fantasy, Science Fiction and First Novel categories for the
2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards (winners announced August 15, 2015)

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Indie Book of the Day for July 11, 2015
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5star-flat-webWow, wow, wow. Talk about unique. This sci-fi fantasy world that Alia Luria has created in Compendium will blow your mind away with its balance between detail and breezy pleasure. There’s so much information to absorb here, but you never feel too overly burdened. And the characters could be my next door neighbors; they’re so realistic. I really feel that the planet of Lumin exists out there in the galaxy. That is a difficult thing to achieve when the author is talking about fantasy stories.

The society on this planet has its own aura to it. There are little quirks about the way people talk and interact that creates a civilization to rival Tolkien and Lewis in its detail and spread. If you have plans for the next few days, do not pick up this book. I repeat: do not start unless you are willing to read for hours on end, gripped by the racing story line and breathtaking intrigue that fills the pages. I cannot wait for the next book to come out and I hope the series continues for many more books after that. I’m bookmarking this author because I know I will fall in love with every word she writes. Wow.” – Samantha Coville, Readers’ Favorite [View Full Review]


5star-flat-webCompendium (Artifacts of Lumin, Book 1) by Alia Luria is a one of a kind captivating story that combines incredible science fiction, adventure, drama, intrigue and suspense. Set against a post-apocalyptic background, the story portrays a planet plunged into chaos, darkness, suffering, wars and other forms of social disintegration. It combines a one of a kind plot, a fascinating setting, fresh and memorable characters and a flawless and gripping descriptive writing style capable of pulling you from this world into a new world – Lumin. It was simply amazing to see the plot come together and the story come to life through the combination of all these factors. Each chapter of the novel brought a new thrill as more of the history of Lumin was revealed and new secrets discovered; this was an adventure to look forward to. The story kept me on edge the entire time with intense anticipation of what might happen next. I cannot wait to read the next book in the Artifacts of Lumin series.” – Faridah Nassozi, Readers’ Favorite [View Full Review]

7/13/2015: NerdyChampagne: “It’s a freaking page-turner. Hooked right on the very first page. And it leaves you wanting the second book. I stand corrected, demanding the second book.” – Ren, Nerdy Champagne [View Full Review] (author’s note: highly entertaining and bonus points for excessive use of animated GIFs)

5/28/2015: LoraLee Evans: ” I loved visiting Lumin and seeing through Mia’s eyes.” – LoraLee Evans, Author [View Full Review]

5/16/2015: 4 Stars! from Glorious Panic: “It left plenty of room for me to really want to read the next book while still giving me a lot of ‘wrap up’.” – Katy, Glorious Panic [View Full Review]

5/15/2015: 5 Stars! from Sher A. Hart: Written Art: “would recommend this book to any more advanced reader. From the beginning, the story keeps the reader’s interest as each twist unfolds, and the way Luria tells the story- from her colorful language and descriptions to the constant movement of the plot- makes it hard to stop reading. As I reached the end, I was disappointed that it was over. I give Compendium five out of five stars- and I can’t wait for part two!” – Krista Sennett, Sher A. Hart [View Full Review and Excerpt]

5/14/2015: 4.4 Stars! from Daniela Ark and A Blog for Readers, Writers and Bloggers: “The writing is simply elegant with a vocabulary had me searching in the dictionary at least every ten pages, which I loved. Compendium falls waaaay on the showing side of the “Show, don’t tell” spectrum which may confuse some readers and make them feel  “thrown” into a new world without much explanation. This is just  perfect for me and what made it such an enjoyable experience! I don’t want to be told, I want to discover everything by myself!” – Daniela Ark at A Blog for Readers, Writers and Bloggers [View Full Review]

5/14/2015: 4 Stars! from Book Lover’s Life: “The world building was amazing and descriptive and I flew through the story. There are some surprising secrets revealed, which will leave you wanting more and with it’s fascinating and intriguing plot, Compendium is a must read. I, for one, am looking forward to the next book!” – Natalie, Book Lover’s Life [View Full Review]

5/14/2015: 4 Stars! from San Francisco Book Review: Compendium is a well-written and engaging book that kept my interest from start to finish. The way the people on Lumin use the planet’s natural resources for energy is a fascinating concept, and the notion that a civilization would have to take 500-plus years “off” from using high-tech gadgets is one that should prick at the hearts of anyone in today’s highly wired society. The only real downside to the book is that it’s the first in a planned series, so readers will have to wait to learn more about the fate of Mia and Lumin.” – Cathy Carmode Lim at San Francisco Book Review [View Full Review]

5/12/2015: 4 Stars! from Brooke Blogs: “Alia Luria has created a fantasy story that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. The author has a beautiful way with words. I found myself really liking the story she weaved and the words she did it with. I know I will be reading more in the Artifacts of Lumin series, as I really liked Compendium by Alia Luria.” – Brooke, Brooke Blogs [View the Full Review]

5/11/2015: 4 Stars! from Charles Reads: “This book has one of the most intriguing plots I have seen in a while.” – Charles, Charles Reads [View Full Review]

5/10/2015: 5 Stars! from Fangirls Read it First: “I read this entire book in one sitting and I cannot wait to find out what comes next!” – Amanda, Fangirls Read it First [View Full Review]

5/9/2015: 4.5 Stars! from Terry’s Book Addition: “I loved this story and the depth of it, and I sincerely hope there is more to come of Mia’s story!” – Terry, Terry’s Book Addiction [View Full Review]

5/8/2015: 5 Stars! from Beauty Brite: “I found this to be a very easy book to get into, and an enjoyable, well-written one, at that. From beginning to end, I couldn’t put it down.” – Wendy, Beauty Brite [View Full Review]

5/7/2015: 3 Nuts from The Book Nut: “Suddenly the people were real, Lumin was real, and I was immersed in the world.” – Erin, The Book Nut [View Full Review]

5/6/2015: 4.8/5 Stars! from Books and Ashes: “This book is fantastic in the way it explores the possibilities of melding science fiction and fantasy into a world.” – Books and Ashes [View Full Review]

5/5/2015: Mild (i.e., Clean Fiction)! from Rated Reads: “Compendium is a well-written and engaging book that kept my interest the whole way through. . . .The only real downside to the book is that it’s the first in a planned series, so I and other readers will have to wait impatiently to see what happens next.” – Cathy Carmode Lim, Rated Reads [View Full Review]

5/5/2015: 4 Stars! from Maureen’s Books: “I loved the post-apocalyptic background and the way the characters came to life for me. The world of Lumin became more real and I couldn’t stop reading because I just had to know what would happen next.” – Maureen, Maureen’s Books [View Full Review]

5/4/2015: Thumbs Up! from Second Run Reviews:” The world of Lumin is beautifully drawn, Mia’s strong personality is one I identified with and there were the right amount of breadcrumbs driving me to forward to the end. I would recommend Compendium to others who enjoy books featuring characters striving to discover who they are and how they fit into the greater context of the world in which they live.” – Terri, Second Run Reviews [View Full Review]

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