Fan Art, Goodreads Giveaway and Final Proofs and Promo Materials!

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last update. So much has happened, including the final proofing of the paperback version of Compendium, ordering of lovely promo materials, the end of the Goodreads Giveaway and even some amazing fan art! Read on for detailed updates.

Final Paperback: Let’s kick this post off with the fact that about a week and a half ago, I finalized the paperback version of Compendium. Holding the book in my hand was (and still is frankly) a pretty amazing feeling. After almost two years of hard work, it is done and ready and a book. Below are some pretty pictures of the book!

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Promotional Excerpts: As a giveaway for the launch party, literary festivals and pretty much every other occasion, I prepared a slick excerpt booklet containing the first chapter of CompendiumSmartpress.com did an amazing job printing them, especially considering there was only a PDF proof! I highly recommend them for other authors that need booklets. They were able to make custom 8″ by 5.25″ booklets that perfectly match the dimensions of my existing front and back covers. See below for some more pictures!

Goodreads Giveaway: My Goodreads giveaway ended just a few days ago, running from February 25, 2015, to March 29, 2015, and I was very happy with the results. I had almost 3,500 people sign up to win one of twenty copies of Compendium, and over 1,930 people added it to Goodreads shelves. Also, during this time, Compendium climbed to 60th place on the Popular May Releases page for Goodreads. It has since fallen back down the charts a bit with no sustained traffic due at the moment, but it was gratifying all the same. Some winners have already receive their books (as they are located in Orlando), but I will be shipping books out tomorrow CA, NY, MN, WA, AZ, PA, NE, and many more places, including Victoria, BC in Canada and multiple cities in England and even one in Northern Ireland. I am really excited to get Compendium in to the hands of readers, and I’m gratified that they seem excited to receive the book as well! That leads me to my final bit of news for the night…

Fan ArtCompendium has had its first bit of fan art. Roberta in Ireland made little Compendium necklaces using the cover art posted online, and they turned out fantastic! She tweeted them to me this morning, and I am embedding the tweet below so that you can see for yourself. Awesome Roberta! Also, her name is Jayne… how cool is that?! Also, click the tweets below for the pictures!

Ben in Orlando didn’t post fan art, but he did tweet me the following tweet after receiving his copy of Compendium, and I really hope he enjoys it!  

Well, that is all I have for now. Unfortunately, I have been having trouble locking down a venue for the launch party in May. I am super excited to celebrate with everyone, and as soon as I know where the location is, I will send out invitations. The drinks are on me!

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