Updates for the Week of Feb. 16

This week, I have been writhing in pain, first from some sort of stomach virus and then from a migraine that may have been brought on by dehydration from the stomach virus. Either way, it has not been pleasant. Nonetheless, we are still making forward momentum on the release of Compendium. Without further whining, here are this week’s updates:

Copy Edit: I received Compendium back from editor, Angela Brown, just today. She’s done a very thorough job, and I’m very impressed. It will probably take me about a week to go through and make all of her suggested changes. At that point, I will turn it back to her for a final proofing, and Compendium will be finalized! This means that I will start to post excerpts of the final novel here on this site and begin submitting it for reviews, so stay tuned!

Blog Tour: Candace Robinson at CBB Book Promotions has been working hard to get my blog tour  organized and launched. The banner above is for the sign-up process for the blog tour. I am nervous but excited and hope that she gets a good response from bloggers. If you are interested in doing a Compendium book review, interview or excerpt for your blog, please go on over and sign up here. She has been a delight to work with, and I’m excited for the blog tour to get here! It’s officially scheduled from May 4th to the 15th, and I will post stops and further information as I get it.

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