Painted in Waterlogue

Read Chapter One, Editing News and Giveaway

I hope everyone had a great week this week! Mine was exhausting, as I finished up the final edit for Compendium, posted Chapter One for everyone to enjoy, kicked off the Goodreads Giveaway, and made progress on several other fronts as well. The featured image for this post is an artsy Waterlogue version of my first draft of Compendium printed out and ready for ravaging, er, editing I mean. It’s hard to believe that I have been through four version and almost an additional year’s worth of work since then. I’m starting to get nostalgic, and the book isn’t even out yet! Anyway, onto the news.

Chapter One Excerpt: For those who would like to read Chapter One of Compendium, it is now available on this site to read for free, in its finally edited (but not proofed) version. You can find it on the book page for Compendium or get to it directly by clicking here.

Copy Edit: I spent a good number of my evenings (who are we kidding, nights) going through Compendium and doing a final edit. As of Wednesday, it has been turned back to Angela for proofing. Once that proof read is done and any fixes incorporated, I will be ready to submit Compendium in ebook form to Amazon, Publishers Weekly, and any bloggers requesting the ebook for review. I will also be able to prepare the final print interior and order print proofs for Compendium. I am very excited to hold it in my hands and make sure the cover lines up properly and the formatting is correct. Once the print version is proofed, I will be ordering advance copies for Goodreads Giveaway winners and any bloggers who have requested a review copy.

Goodreads Giveaway: Speaking of the Goodreads Giveaway, I’m excited to announce that Compendium was requested over 550 times in the first twenty-four hours (this is better than all but two other Goodreads Giveaways launching on the same day). As of day three, we are currently at 746 requests. There is still plenty of time to enter, so if you are Goodreads users, click here to request a free autographed copy of Compendium arriving a month before the public release date. I wish I could provide a copy for everyone who entered, but unfortunately, even at author my rate, that would be prohibitively expensive for me. I am always willing to provide a copy to those willing to read it and provide honest reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, so please get in touch via the links on my press page if you are interested in reviewing Compendium. Please also note that I have opened the Goodreads Giveaway to residents of Canada and Great Britain in addition to the United States. I love international readers, so I hope at least a few international readers win!


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