Release Date & Tidbits!

I am very excited, because I have so many great things on the horizon for Compendium. I am in the final stages of securing a copy/line editor, and Compendium is set for final release on:

May 5, 2015

In anticipation of this glorious day, I have a lot of great things in process.

  • Preorders – Preorder of the eBook will be rolling out on Amazon.com (and all international versions of Amazon for those of you located outside the U.S. You can check your local Amazon site to place a pre-order). The U.S. pre-order price will be $4.99, and international orders will be the local equivalent of that price. Pre-order of the paperback will be available from this site. All paperback pre-orders will be signed by me and will ship out on release day. The price will be $20, inclusive of sales tax (for Florida residents) and shipping. If you want a signed copy and can’t come to a launch party or signing, this will be the place to get it.
  • Goodreads Giveaways – I will be giving away advanced reader copies (signed of course) to twenty lucky readers who sign up for this giveaway on goodreads. This will be happening once the final edits are complete but before the release date. I anticipate that the giveaway will run from mid-March to early-April, and ARCs will be sent out before the release date. So, if you want to get your hands on Compendium before everyone else, be sure to add Compendium to your shelf on goodreads or fan me to get updates on when the giveaway is scheduled.
  • Blog Tour – I will be announcing this information closer to the time it happens, but I am scheduling a blog tour and release day event to occur right around the release date. This will include giveaways of both my books and gift cards for Amazon. So, if you want to be updated as to which blogs I will be appearing on and when so that you can enter, definitely subscribe to this page or check back.
  • Launch Parties – I am in the process of setting up venues to hold launch parties in both Orlando and Tampa, Florida. As I haven’t finalized the dates or the venues yet, I will hold off on announcing specifics until that time. However, if you are in Florida and want to attend either of these launch parties, they will be open and available for you to come and meet me and celebrate the launch of Compendium.

Well, hopefully that is enough exciting news for now. I will be updating this section of my site as more information becomes available, but if you want to know before anyone else, sign up for my e-mail list or fan my Facebook page, and then you will always be the first to know!

P.S. Unfortunately, as I am a muggle (alas), my book will not be carried at Flourish & Blotts (major bummer), but I did get the opportunity recently to visit the amazing Harry Potter Studio Tour London, and it was fantastic. If you are in London and love Harry Potter as much as me, the experience is amazing. Go as early as you can, because Day and I spent at least 5 hours nerding out there. We would have spent even longer if it wasn’t so cold out! Also, if you like my hat/scarf, it was knit by my mom. Thanks Mom!

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